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罗伯特·斯文克 Robert Schwentke

演员 , 年龄: 54 ( 星座: 射手座, 生肖: 羊 )
生日: 1967年11月30日 星期四
出生地: 德国
性别: ,

个人简介:   Robert Schwentke (born 1968) is a German film director best known for the films Tattoo and Flightplan.  He was a graduate of Columbia College Hollywood in 1992.  He directed two feature films in Germany, the thriller Tattoo and the comedy Eierdiebe, the latter a semi-autobiographical film about a man being treated for testicular cancer, a disease he had been diagnosed with and survived himself in 1995.  Schwentke directed 2009's The Time Traveler's Wife, based on the best-selling novel, and starrin...