MM52 / 潘妮·马歇尔 Penny Marshall 

潘妮·马歇尔 Penny Marshall

又名: 彭妮•马歇尔
女明星 , 年龄: 76 ( 星座: 天秤座, 生肖: 羊 )
生日: 1943年10月15日 星期五
出生地: 美国,纽约,布朗克斯
性别: , 身高: 168cm

荣誉: 1992年 第17届报知映画赏 海外作品奖
个人简介:   Penny was known in her family as "the bad one"... because not only did she walk on the ledge of her family's apartment building, but she snuck into the movies as a child and even dated a guy named "Lefty." She attended a private girls' high school in New York and then went to the University of New Mexico for 2 1/2 years. There, Penny got pregnant with daughter, Tracy Reiner, and soon after married the father, Michael Henry, in 1961. The couple divorced two years later in 1963. She worked as a...