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凯特琳·德弗 Kaitlyn Dever

又名: 凯特林·德弗
女明星 , 年龄: 24 ( 星座: 射手座, 生肖: 鼠 )
生日: 1996年12月21日 星期六
出生地: 美国,亚利桑那州,凤凰城
性别: , 身高: 157cm

荣誉: 2013年 第13届凤凰城影评人协会奖 最佳青年女演员(提名)
个人简介:   Dever was born in Phoenix, Arizona.[3] At the age of five, she began her interest in the performing arts with her parents sending her to an acting school. She also participated in gymnastics, ballet and skating, until she focused on acting. Her family then moved to Dallas, Texas, where she enrolled at the Dallas Young Actors Studio in a month-long acting program. Honing her acting skills at the studio, she booked a number of commercials, before moving to Los Angeles.[3]  Dever's first notable acting role was...