MM52 / 乔·丹特 Joe Dante 

乔·丹特 Joe Dante

演员 , 年龄: 73 ( 星座: 射手座, 生肖: 狗 )
生日: 1946年11月28日 星期四
出生地: 美国,新泽西州,莫里森
性别: ,

荣誉: 2009年 第66届威尼斯电影节 3-D电影奖
个人简介:   Joe Dante is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Art. After a stint as a film reviewer, he began his filmmaking apprenticeship in 1974 as trailer editor for Roger Corman's New World Pictures. He made his directorial debut in 1976 with Hollywood Boulevard (co-directed with Allan Arkush), a thinly disguised spoof of New World exploitation pictures, shot in ten days for $60,000.  In 1977 Dante made his solo debut as a film director with Piranha, which went on to become one of the company's biggest hits an...