MM52 / 安娜-露易丝·普拉曼 Anna-Louise Plowman 

安娜-露易丝·普拉曼 Anna-Louise Plowman

女明星 , 年龄: 48 ( 星座: 金牛座, 生肖: 鼠 )
生日: 1972年5月9日 星期二
出生地: New Zealand
性别: , 身高: 180cm

个人简介:   Anna-Louise Plowman (sometimes known as Anna-Louise Stephens) is an actress. She is perhaps best known for her roles as Consultant Anaesthetist Annalese Carson in Holby City and Dr. Sarah Gardner in Stargate SG-1 who was possessed by the Goa'uld Osiris. In 2003 she played Melinda Maclean, wife of British communist spy Donald Duart Maclean, and mistress of spy Kim Philby (played by husband Toby Stephens), in the TV mini-series Cambridge Spies. She played Diana Goddard in the Doctor Who story "Dalek" in 2...