MM52 / 艾格尼丝·布鲁根 Agnes Bruckner 

艾格尼丝·布鲁根 Agnes Bruckner

女明星 , 年龄: 34 ( 星座: 狮子座, 生肖: 牛 )
生日: 1985年8月16日 星期五
出生地: 美国,加利福尼亚州,好莱坞
性别: , 身高: 168cm

个人简介:   Bruckner was born in Hollywood, California, to a Hungarian father and a Russian mother who have since divorced; her paternal grandfather was German.Her parents met in Hungary and immigrated to the U.S. in 1984 through a refugee camp in Italy. She has two sisters and a brother.  Bruckner speaks some Russian and is fluent in Hungarian, having grown up speaking the language.She has been involved in dance, ballet, and tap since the age of five and initially wanted to pursue a career as a dancer. At the age of ei...