/ 莱西的魔法 The Magic of Lassie (1978) 

莱西的魔法 The Magic of Lassie (1978)

IMDB 评分: 5.6 分 ( 322 票 ) ;
导演: ;
出品公司: Lassie Productions, 国家: US, 语言: EN
影片时长: 100 分钟 , 电影分级: G

荣誉: 第51届奥斯卡金像奖 最佳原创歌曲(提名) /
简介:   Stewart is engaging as the nice grandpa who refuses to sell his land to mean rich guy Roberts. Innocuous, pleasant remake of "Lassie Come Home." Stewart sings, as do Pat Boone and daughter Debby....