/ 清唱剧 Cantata (1963) 

清唱剧 Cantata (1963)

又名: Cantata | 康塔塔
IMDB 评分: 7.3 分 ( 291 票 ) ;
导演: ;
出品公司: Budapest Filmstúdió, 国家: HU, 语言: HU
影片时长: 94 分钟 ,

简介:   Highly acclaimed Hungarian director Miklos Jancso brought this interesting film to the Argentina Film Festival in 1964, indicating to the world what was going on in the art community of Hungary at the time. Based upon a story by Jozsef Lengyel, this drama details a few days in the life of a doctor (Zoltan Latinovits). Working in a hospital, he takes leave to go back to the plac......