/ 完美的陌生人 Perfect Strangers (1945) 

完美的陌生人 Perfect Strangers (1945)

又名: Vacation from Marriage
IMDB 评分: 7.1 分 ( 703 票 ) ;
导演: ;
出品公司: London Film Productions, 国家: GB, 语言: EN
影片时长: 102 分钟 ,

荣誉: 第19届奥斯卡金像奖 最佳原创故事
简介:   Robert and Catherine have a quiet little marriage until WWII separates them for three years. Serving in the navy dramatically transforms both of them and they realize how much they resented their old mundane life together. Both dread their inevitable reunion and separately decide to ask for a divorce, but is the marriage really over?   .   Trivia: Though he is uncredited, this is Roger Moore's film debut....