/ 马戏团 Tsirk (1936) 

马戏团 Tsirk (1936)

又名: The Circus
IMDB 评分: 6.9 分 ( 295 票 ) ;
导演: ; ;
出品公司: Mosfilm, 国家: SUHH, 语言: RU
影片时长: 90 分钟 ,

简介:   US - Vaudeville dancer Marion Dixon is with her German manager von Kneischitz on tour - in Moskau. Her act includes a gun shooting her to the trapeze, the stage director there wants a copy of this act for the USSR. She falls in love with a Soviet enginer, but von Kneischitz blackmails her with her dark spot in her life, she has a colored baby, to leave Moskau....